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About Offsourcing

Headquartered in Los Angeles, with a branch office in Davao City, Philippines, Offsourcing, Inc. was established in 2006 to help local talents find jobs that match their skill sets. We offer positions in animation, graphic design, 3d rendering, and web development just to name a few.

About Us

Offsourcing Inc. allows both small and large companies throughout the world to utilize talent anywhere else in the world. We decided that we could not only help businesses "Leverage the best global resources", but also help individuals find a long term career they are passionate about. We decided to open a branch office in the Philippines because there is an abundance of talented individuals with expert skill sets in various fields. Submit your resume to see if you have the skill sets and attitude to become a member of the Offsourcing Team! Below are some samples of our work.

Most of our Animation / Motion graphics are displayed as advertisements on plasma screens and LED billboards. Our content has been displayed on traffic billboards and sports stadiums in the United States to name a few. We have also produced animated educational videos.

F1 Apps Animation

3D Rendering

Most of our work has been with Exterior Architectural renderings. We are expanding into Interior 3D modeling as well as Product Rendering.

Panda Express 3D Rendering
Technical Design

We are very involved with the signage industry and have worked on many brand packages for our clients.

The House of Ramen Technical Design
Web Development

From project management, to web design, to web development, to quality assurance, we are looking for the best talent to join our team.
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